These boxes has been send out to our costumers in previous months. In other words: this is what you missed out on!
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Dutch candy box exampleMay

Duyvis knabbelnoten
Daelmans mini stroopwafels
Hema paprika crisps
Choca vlokken mix
Venco drops salmiak
Lotus speculoos
Fruithartjes hard candy
‘Maxima’ peppermints
Kings’ Day face tattoos

Dutch candy box exampleApril

Enkhuizer mergpijpjes
Venco licorice griotten
Autodrop troetelzoete bakkies
Mandemakers coconut cookies
Katja flappies gummies
Hollandfoodz cinnamon canes
Zuurstokken strawberry
‘Maxima’ & ‘Willem’ peppermints
Dutch Flag & wooden shoes

Dutch candy box exampleMarch

Kanjer chocolate syrup waffle
Bros chocolate bar
Stophoest pastilles
Frysia kabelspekken
Bolletje brosse eierkoek
Perfect knabbels cocktailsaus
Lotus Speculoos
Schuttelaar dropstaafjes
Delft blue coaster

Dutch candy box exampleFebruary

Katja flappies gummies
Duyvis knabbelnoten
Droste chocolate pastilles straciatella
Fruittella strawberry gum candy
Zwartwit licorice pastilles
Venco drops tropical
Lunetta sprits
Dutch flag & clapper

Dutch candy box exampleJanuary

Mini Koetjesrepen chocolate
Croky Mega Mindy stars paprika
Speculaas brokken
Duyvis knabbelnoten
Gevulde koeken
Bolletje kruidnoten
Frogs & mice
Wilhelmina peppermint
Zuurstokken strawberry
Delft blue wooden shoes

Dutch candy box exampleDecember

Hema ruitspekken
Haribo trekdrop
Zwartwit licorice powder
Katja gummies
AH speculaasbrokken
Duyvis borrelnootjes
Meller chocolate bonbons
Delft blue container

Dutch Sinterklaas candyNovember

Sintzoenen chocolate marshmallows
Chocolate letter ‘s’
Gevulde speculaas
Chocolate coins
Sinterklaas chocolate figure
Sinterklaas chocolates
Miniature sinterklaas & frogs
Sinterklaas songs cd

Dutch candy box exampleOctober

Lays patatje joppie crisps
Venco apothekersdrop
AH schuimbanaantjes
AH Roze koeken
Oudhollandse stroop soldaatjes
Fuittella forest fruit gum candy
Wilhelmina peppermint
Fruittella dummies
Delft blue piggy bank

Dutch candy box exampleSeptember

Lays stokbroodje kruidenboter
Droste limited edition chocolate
Venco boerderijdrop
De Ruyter hagelslag
Stophoest pastilles
Hollandfoodz cherry canes
Hollandfoodz cinnamon cane
Koetjesrepen mini’s
Delft blue wooden shoes